Western Valuers

Why Use An RICS Accredited Valuer RICS Accredited Valuers are formally qualified in market valuation techniques and process, they provide a robust, reliable and transparent valuations comply with IVS and IFRS standards

Robust, reliable and transparent valuations play an essential role in all business and investment decisions and, financial markets and the global financial system and its stability.

Local real estate agents will estimate your property value in line with the current market trends and based on their knowledge of local area and recent sale prices. Agents’ estimates are only intended as a guide pricing; their opinion is just opinion not definitive, authentic or have legal stand.

However, accredited Valuers are formally qualified in market valuation techniques and process to provide valuation reports that compile all the evidence and data that justify their conclusions, therefore, their reports are much more comprehensive than that can be received from real estate agent.

Valuation is a complex task and qualified valuers will consider variables which many under-qualified industry professionals miss out. Heterogeneity is a primary characteristic of real estate – each property has unique features such as location, lot size, floor plan, legal attributes and amenities which combine to give each property distinctive characteristics and making a real estate valuation difficult and challenging.

Also, professional valuers provide formal, accurate, accountable, unbiased, objective, informative and legally defensible valuations that can be relied upon up by financial institutions, lenders, private individuals, property companies and the public sector.

unreliability in valuation increases costs, wasted time, level of risk, mistrust and disputes which will affect sustainable development