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Feasibility Studies Services

A financial feasibility study evaluates the rate of return for any real estate development. A detailed appraisal of the potential risks and returns will enable you to test every assumption, make intelligent decisions and maximise every opportunity.
Financial and Market Feasibility Study Case study

Our experts provide Feasibility Study Services, covering the following key elements include

  • Project overview
  • Site analysis / SWOT analysis 
  • Market Research and benchmark analysis 
  • Financial modeling profit performance indicators (DSCR, NPV, IRR, payback period)
  • Sensitivity / scenario  analysis 

We understand our clients operate in an increasingly competitive and sophisticated business environment. Real estate development advisory services enable our clients to make an informed decision about the success of their proposed projects from financial and non-financial perspectives

Highest and Best Use analysis

We understand that the value of a property and its use are closely linked, so its highest and best use results in the highest present value and brings in the greatest net return over a given period or for the foreseeable future.

Highest and Best Use (HBU) is a concept in real estate that focus on three key factors:
• Legal permissibility
• Physical possibility
• Financial feasibility.

Where a several options are available for the usage of development such as, hotels, serviced apartments, residential apartments, office space, and retail, the initial phase of the Highest and Best-Use study involves consideration of several market sectors and how all the different options are likely to fare based on current and future factors. We also consider the impact of the surrounding environment, local competitive and political forces, and the timing of potential property development.

A large number of our clients, especially real estate developers and family businesses with inherited lands and under-utilised buildings, benefit from our highest and best use studies. We provide such consultancy to master developers after conducting thorough market research, inspecting the subject plot and identifying the core areas of demand.

The scope of our services enables our clients to take educated and informed decisions to maximise revenues while planning for a real estate investment at the initial stages of the development.

Our Approach

  • Initial meeting: Understanding needs and requirements 
  • Terms of engagement: Proposal and scope of work preparation 
  • Data collection: Study documents, site visit and primary, and secondary research 
  • Report preparation: Analysis and report writing 
  • Deliver the report and meeting for discussion