Western Valuers

Market Research

Our reports aim to minimise the risks, maximise the opportunities, and provide vital information during the development, acquisition, development, marketing and disposition of the proposed real estate development project.
  • Competitive benchmarking 
  • Site Analysis 
  • Rental and sales pricing study reports 
  • Custom Market Research 

Detailed market research involves analysis of macro/micro-locations, rental and sales price, and supply and demand dynamics; as well as understanding the currently available facilities, the demographics, economic conditions and future development plans.

Benchmarking Analysis

Benchmarking analysis is a strategic analysis tool used to provide a clear picture and understanding of the proposed development position against competitors, and identity how to improve performance.

Competitor projects are analysed to establish their relative worth in the market and to provide benchmark values, from which to identify the niche positioning for the proposed development.


 Site analysis

The location has a significant impact on the value appreciation of a property and the economic success of proposed developments. Site analysis is a must for the feasibility study, development analysis and valuation.

Site analysis is conducted to determine some features such as accessibility and visibility. It evaluates the locality to determine its value and appropriateness for the proposed development. It helps to make a complete sense of project pricing, and gives you the insights you need to move ahead with no ambiguity.

We use SWOT analysis and site analysis assessment in an easy and understadable way and based on spatial information such as the analysis of the macro and micro-location of the property.