Finding Approved Valuation Companies:

Here’s where you can access a list of approved valuation companies in the UAE:

Dubai Land Department (DLD) Website: Search for “Approved Valuation Companies” on the DLD website Website: Search for RICS-accredited valuation companies in the UAE through the RICS website (

Verifying the Valuation Certificate:

Once you receive a valuation certificate, verifying its legitimacy is crucial. Here’s what to check:

  • Company Logo & Name: Ensure the logo and name on the certificate match those of the approved valuation company you engaged.
  • Company Registration Number: Locate the company’s registration number on the certificate and verify it through the Dubai Land Department (DLD) website using their online service
  • Certificate Validity: Check the certificate’s validity period. It should typically be valid for a certain timeframe, such as six months.
Valuation Certificate

Get in Touch with Our Valuation Experts

    By prioritizing an approved and accredited valuation company, you guarantee a reliable valuation, ensure Golden Visa application success, and secure peace of mind by mitigating risks. Let your property investment journey in the UAE begin with the right foundation – a trustworthy and accurate valuation certificate.

    Understanding Property Valuation Certificates:

    A property valuation certificate, issued by a licensed and accredited valuation company, provides an official estimate of a property’s market value. This unbiased assessment is crucial for various purposes in Dubai’s real estate landscape, including:

    • Golden Visa Applications: As mentioned earlier, obtaining a Golden Visa through property investment requires a valuation certificate confirming the property’s value meets the minimum threshold (currently AED 2 million or more).
    • Mortgages: When financing a property purchase, banks rely on valuation certificates to determine the loan amount they can offer.
    • Taxation: Property valuations are used to calculate potential property taxes, such as the annual rental income tax.
    • Investment Decisions: Accurate valuations empower investors to make informed decisions about buying, selling, or renting a property.

    Why Choose an Accredited Valuation Company?

    Using a reputable and accredited valuation company guarantees several benefits:

    • Accuracy & Credibility: Accredited companies adhere to internationally recognized valuation standards, ensuring a reliable and unbiased estimate. This protects your investment and avoids discrepancies during Golden Visa applications or financial transactions.
    • Regulatory Compliance: Dubai mandates property valuations for various purposes, including Golden Visas. Employing an unapproved company’s certificate could lead to delays or rejections in your application.
    • Market Expertise: Accredited companies boast qualified valuers with extensive experience in the dynamic Dubai market. Their local knowledge ensures an accurate valuation reflecting current trends and specific to your property.
    • Risk Mitigation: Engaging a non-accredited company risks an inaccurate valuation, potentially leading to overpaying for a property or undervaluing it and missing out on potential returns.