Valuation Services for Industrial Real Estate At Western Valuers, we specialize in providing comprehensive real estate appraisal services for industrial properties.

Industrial real estate appraisal involves evaluating properties where goods are manufactured, stored, and/or shipped. These industrial facilities play a crucial role in the global trading system, strategically located on industrial sites near key transportation hubs such as seaports, highways, rail junctions, and airports. Our appraisal services encompass three primary categories of industrial properties:


  • Manufacturing: We assess a wide range of manufacturing industries, including food and beverage, chemical, and mechanical engineering. Manufacturing facilities can be classified as heavy, medium, or light, depending on the intensity of production, processing, or assembly. Ceiling heights in manufacturing buildings typically range from 4 to 12 meters, providing sufficient space for heavy-duty equipment and overhead cranes.
  • Storage and Distribution: Our valuation expertise extends to warehouses and distribution centers that offer diverse open and covered spaces. These properties cater to storing raw materials, components, or finished products. Warehouse sizes vary, with moderate to large structures featuring up to 15% office space and ceiling heights of up to 15 meters. Facilities may include specialized features such as refrigeration, wet tanks, or controlled humidity and temperature conditions.
  • Flex Space Structures: Flex properties are designed to accommodate multiple purposes, making them versatile for various businesses. These single-story buildings typically have ceiling heights ranging from 3 to 5 meters. Flex space structures encompass retail, personal service, distribution, light industrial, and occasional heavy industrial use. Three common types of flex properties include data centers, showroom properties combining offices and warehouses, and research and development facilities with specialized office, storage, and processing spaces.

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    Our industrial property valuation process considers key characteristics such as site location, site cover, eaves height, office space, parking facilities for cars and trucks, shape, power availability, water supply, and heating and air conditioning systems. We meticulously evaluate each property to provide accurate and insightful valuations that enable informed real estate decisions.

    Industrial and warehouse demand is influenced by both domestic and global forces that impact import-export activities. Changes in distribution modes, supply chain management, and production models also affect the demand for industrial facilities. Economic conditions and the cyclical nature of the industry significantly influence demand. We understand these dynamic factors and incorporate them into our appraisal process to deliver comprehensive and reliable valuation services.

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