Desktop Valuation Navigating Property Valuations: Understanding Desktop Appraisals and Their Applicability

A desktop valuation is an assessment conducted without physically inspecting a property. This method is typically employed when a full on-site inspection is impractical or when the property has been previously valued. Essentially, in specific situations, our experts can form a reasonable opinion of the property’s value solely from their desks.

It’s important to note that a desktop valuation is not a formal appraisal and provides only a concise property description based on photographic evidence, computerized information, client input, and other relevant sources to establish a value.

Despite the proficiency of our surveyors, a desktop valuation, especially in cases where internal details and specifications are unknown, may yield a broader range of values and consequently a more conservative appraisal.

While some valuations may involve only an external inspection of a pre-existing property, a desktop valuation is suitable only for certain properties under qualifying circumstances. It is reserved for common and traditional properties that the surveyor can easily identify based on their type, style, and arrangement.

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