All You Need to Know About Real Estate Corporate Tax in the UAE

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    Thinking about investing in UAE real estate? Understanding how corporate tax applies is crucial. This guide simplifies real estate corporate tax in the UAE, including Dubai.

    What is the Corporate Tax Rate for Real Estate in Dubai (and the UAE)?

    The UAE, including Dubai, implemented a corporate tax of 9% on June 1, 2023. This applies to taxable income exceeding AED 375,000 derived from real estate ownership, use, or disposal. It covers both business and investment properties.

    Important to Note:

    • The tax applies to income generated, not the property value itself.
    • This is a significant change in the UAE’s tax landscape.

    How is Property Tax Calculated in Dubai?

    There is currently no separate property tax in Dubai. The 9% corporate tax applies to rental income and other income generated from real estate.

    Who is Exempt from UAE Corporate Tax?

    • Businesses with taxable income below AED 375,000.
    • Entities operating in Free Zones with full tax exemption (certain conditions apply).

    Real Estate Corporate Tax and Valuation

    For accurate tax calculations, proper real estate valuation is essential. The UAE follows IFRS 13 (Fair Value Measurement) for real estate valuation. Appointing an approved valuation company ensures compliance.

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