Labour Accommodation Valuation


Our expert team was entrusted with the task of providing Market Value professional advice for internal management decision purposes. Our goal was to deliver a comprehensive valuation report that reflects the current market conditions and accurately assesses the value of the labour accommodation property.

Property Details:


The labour accommodation is strategically located in Jebel Ali, Dubai, UAE, offering convenient access to major industrial and commercial areas.

Property Details:

  • Height: G+5 Typical Floors (Each block)
  • BUA: 600,000 Sq ft
  • Capacity: 5,800 Persons
  • No. of rooms: 1,460 Private rooms

Facility Features:

The labour accommodation building comprises five blocks, each consisting of a ground floor, two upper floors, and a rooftop. These purpose-built blocks provide comfortable and secure living spaces for the workforce.

Scope of Service:

Providing Market Value professional advice for internal management decision purposes

Our Approach

To determine the market value, we conducted a thorough analysis of various factors, including market trends, location advantages, building quality, and capacity utilization. By employing robust methodologies and leveraging our extensive market knowledge, we ensured the accuracy and reliability of our valuation.


Through our diligent valuation process, we provided our client with a comprehensive market value assessment for their labour accommodation property. Our commitment to accuracy, professionalism, and strategic guidance helped our client optimize their internal management strategies and make informed decisions for their labour accommodation investments.


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