Office Building Valuation


Our valuation firm was approached by a private company to conduct a comprehensive valuation of their office building located in the vibrant area of Al Barsha Heights, Dubai. This case study showcases the key details and scope of our services for this office building valuation project.


Property Details:

Property Details:

    • Height: 3B+G+5P+24 Typical Floors
    • Plot Area: 38,000 Sq ft
    • Built-Up Area (BUA): 470,000 Sq ft
    • Property Type: Office Building

The office building is strategically located in Al Barsha Heights, a prominent business district in Dubai. The property offers fully and semi-fitted individual office units, ranging in sizes between 600 to 4,000 square feet. With a total built-up area of 470,000 square feet, the building caters to the diverse needs of businesses seeking modern office spaces in a prime location.

Scope of Service:

Our objective was to provide a market value assessment in accordance with the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) Valuation Standards (Redbook). Additionally, we offered professional advice for internal management decision-making purposes. Our comprehensive report included an occupancy and lease analysis, as well as extensive market research across the office sector.

Our Approach

To conduct an accurate valuation, our experienced team utilized a combination of valuation methodologies, market research, and industry expertise. We analyzed factors such as the property’s location, building specifications, market demand for office spaces, rental rates, and occupancy levels. By adhering to RICS Valuation Standards (Redbook), we ensured our valuation report met the highest professional standards.


Through our comprehensive valuation services, we provided our client, a private company, with a market value assessment of their office building in Al Barsha Heights.

Our report not only included a detailed valuation analysis but also offered valuable insights into occupancy trends, lease analysis, and market research across the office sector.

This case study exemplifies our expertise in office building valuation and our commitment to delivering accurate, reliable, and insightful valuation reports.

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