Warehouse Valuation


Our valuation firm was engaged by a private company to provide a comprehensive assessment of their warehouse complex located in Industrial Area 1, Sharjah. This case study highlights the key details and scope of our services for this warehouse valuation project.

Property Details:

  • Built-Up Area (BUA): 75,000 Sq ft
  • Property Type: Warehouse Complex comprising of 32 units

The warehouse complex consists of 32 units, offering a total built-up area of 75,000 square feet. The facility is strategically located in Industrial Area 1, Sharjah, known for its industrial and commercial activities. The complex caters to a diverse range of businesses and serves as a vital hub for storage, distribution, and logistics operations.

Scope of Service:

Our primary objective was to provide a fair value assessment for financial reporting purposes. We were tasked with evaluating the warehouse complex and determining its fair market value in accordance with relevant accounting standards and regulations.

Our Approach

To conduct an accurate valuation, our team of experts employed a systematic approach, considering various factors such as the property’s condition, location, market demand, rental rates, and comparable sales data. We utilized industry-leading valuation methodologies and relied on our extensive knowledge of the local real estate market to provide an unbiased and reliable fair value assessment.


By delivering a comprehensive fair value assessment for financial reporting purposes, we assisted our valued client, a private company, in obtaining an accurate and transparent valuation of their warehouse complex.

Our commitment to upholding professional standards, meticulous analysis, and extensive market knowledge ensured that our client received a reliable valuation report.

This case study exemplifies our expertise in warehouse valuation and our dedication to providing exceptional valuation services to clients in the industrial real estate sector.

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