Portfolio Valuation of Diverse Properties across the UAE


Our valuation firm was entrusted with the valuation of a comprehensive portfolio consisting of 35 properties with leasehold/freehold interests. This diverse portfolio encompasses commercial, industrial, and residential assets located across the United Arab Emirates. The total value of the portfolio exceeds AED 1 billion. Due to the confidential nature of our client’s identity, we are unable to disclose their name.

Property Details:

Property Details:

    • Height: 3B+G+5P+24 Typical Floors
    • Plot Area: 38,000 Sq ft
    • Built-Up Area (BUA): 470,000 Sq ft
    • Property Type: Office Building

The office building is strategically located in Al Barsha Heights, a prominent business district in Dubai. The property offers fully and semi-fitted individual office units, ranging in sizes between 600 to 4,000 square feet. With a total built-up area of 470,000 square feet, the building caters to the diverse needs of businesses seeking modern office spaces in a prime location.

Scope of Service:

Our scope of service for this project focused on providing fair value advice in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS 13) for the client’s annual financial reporting requirements. As experienced valuation experts, we undertook a detailed analysis of the entire portfolio, ensuring accurate and reliable valuations for each individual property.

Our Approach

To assess the fair value of the portfolio, our team conducted extensive research and analysis. We evaluated various factors, including the location, condition, market trends, rental income, and comparable property sales. By considering these key parameters, we were able to provide a comprehensive and informed valuation for each property within the portfolio.

Challenges and Solutions:

Valuing a diverse portfolio of properties across different asset classes and locations presented unique challenges. Our team applied their expertise and market knowledge to overcome these challenges, ensuring that each property’s fair value was accurately determined. Through meticulous analysis and consideration of market dynamics, we provided our client with a reliable valuation report.


Our valuation firm successfully completed the portfolio valuation project for a confidential client, consisting of 35 properties with leasehold/freehold interests located across the UAE. With our expertise in fair value assessment and adherence to IFRS 13 standards, we delivered accurate and comprehensive valuation advice for the client’s annual financial reporting. This case study demonstrates our commitment to delivering high-quality valuation services for diverse portfolios, contributing to our clients’ strategic decision-making and financial transparency.

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