Bakery Equipment Valuation

Scope Of Service

Valuation services for IFRS accounting purpose of  Machinery and equipment for the processing facility of bakery products in AL Qouz, Dubai, UAE

Asset Covered

  • dough making system
  • weighing station for flour and water
  • conveyors & cooling plant
  • double band slicer
  • bread packing machine
  • Oven & Other Accessories
  • double band slicer
  • bread packing machine
  • Flour Mixers
  • Bread Bag Locking Machine
  • Cooler Including infeed conveyor deepener and outfeed conveyor to packaging with horizontal switch
  • Auto Flour Handling Plant with storage Silos
  • Metal Detector
  • Ice Maker with Storage Bin
  • Blast Freezer
  • Bread Slicer
  • boiler with water feed accessories
  • compressor
  • generator set
  • arabic bread plant automatic
  • king size plant
  • auto rikak machine

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