Reinstatement Insurance Valuation


Our client, an esteemed Owner Association Management Company based in Dubai, entrusted us with the task of providing a comprehensive insurance valuation for a prominent retail/residential building located in the prime area of Al Thanaya Fifth in Jumeirah Lake Towers, Dubai. The property comprised of 457 apartment units, a health club, a swimming pool, and minor entertainment and retail facilities.


Property Details:

Description and Key Information:


  • Client: Owner Association Management Company
  • Location: Al Thanaya Fifth (Jumeirah Lake Towers), Dubai, UAE
  • Property Type: Retail / Residential Building


Scope of Service:

Our scope of service involved conducting a detailed reinstatement cost assessment for building insurance purposes. We worked closely with the Owner Association Management Company to ensure their insurance coverage accurately reflected the potential cost of reinstatement in the event of unforeseen damage or loss.

Approach and Methodology:

  • Property Inspection: Our team conducted a thorough inspection of the retail/residential building, examining its structure, architectural features, and materials used.

  • Reinstatement Cost Assessment: Utilizing industry-standard methodologies and cost databases, we calculated the estimated cost of reinstating the building to its original condition in the event of a total loss. This assessment encompassed all relevant aspects, including construction materials, labor, and other associated costs.

  • Building Characteristics: We took into consideration the unique characteristics of the property, such as the number of apartment units, common areas, amenities, and any additional features that could impact the reinstatement cost.

  • Local Construction Standards: We ensured compliance with local building codes, regulations, and construction standards to accurately assess the cost of rebuilding the property in alignment with the required standards.


Our building insurance valuation services provided the Owner Association Management Company with a thorough assessment of the reinstatement cost for the retail/residential building in Al Thanaya Fifth. By accurately determining the appropriate insurance coverage, our report assisted the client in mitigating potential risks and ensuring adequate protection for the property.


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